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The PIMFA, the Personal Investment Management and Financial Advice Association, formerly known as the WMA (Wealth Management Association), formerly known

LSBU Spotlight

For the enrolment season of 2016/17, to promote the benefits of attending the London South Bank Univerty, HUB created the

DeviceMesh UX

DeviceMesh is a multi-screen media platform for the synchronised delivery of audio visual and graphical content. With Android and iOS


Keystone is an Early Years Foundation Stage (EFYS) Assessment and Tracking tool designed specifically to track, monitor and support child


fuseAware is a construction health and safety application originally devised by HUB CTO, Mike Staines, and CEO of fuseAware, David

Coca-Cola BeActive

HUB created an Android tablet app, deployed over 14 Samsung Galaxy Tab 3s, for the Coca-Cola Active Healthy Living Showcase in the Olympic

Olympia Intranet

Olympia is an exhibition centre, event space and conference centre in West Kensington, London, England, and is one of the UK’s

Coca-Cola Beat Sequencer

The Coca-Cola Beat Sequencer for the Olympic Torch Relay for London 2012 was an exciting project to say the least.

hub project chris gollon

Art of Chris Gollon

Chris Gollon was an established name in British painting, having enjoyed many solo museum shows in the UK and museum

Bramley Apples Facebook App

The Bramley is rightly recognised by professional chefs and home cooks alike as the best apple for cooking. Grown only in Britain, the Bramley’s unique qualities make it one of the most versatile ingredients, equally at home in a savoury stir fry or a traditional apple pie.