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Design and Development for EdTech Leaders

Design and Development for EdTech Leaders

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Client: Learning Ladders

Winners of the BETT Awards in 2020, Learning Ladders is a suite of tools, all in one system, designed to support teachers, parents and children with every aspect of learning – at school and at home. The application is designed to give teachers and senior leadership teams more accurate and meaningful data, and to empower parents to support learning remotely without adding to teachers’ workload.

Having built the original Learning Ladders application in 2015, HUB were re-engaged in 2020 to rebrand and relaunch the digital presence of the award-winning pupil progress tracker.

With over 15 years experience working in EdTech directly for various school and colleges, and more recently on several SaaS development including Keystone and Tooled Up Education, HUB is well-positioned to blend our teaching and educational experience with our design and development services.

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Artificial Headshots

Over the last few weeks, I have used a headshot I have had generated by AI as my LinkedIn avatar. I have received several comments, the most pertinent being, ‘Is that you Mike?’. Clearly not.


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