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Luxury medical consulting rooms in the heart of London

Luxury medical consulting rooms in the heart of London

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Client: Ten Harley Street Ltd


Ten Harley Street Ltd offers exceptional medical consulting and therapy rooms at 10 Harley Street, London, and at 88 Rodney Street in Liverpool. With all the luxuries the locations afford, medical consultants and businesses can rent the rooms on an occassional or contractual basis whilst benefitting from the patients the name and brand attracts.

Having worked for Ten Harley Street since early 2009, HUB has developed a range of technical and promotional projects for the client. Perhaps the most important is the CBS (consultant booking system) which allows for the day-to-day running of the houses. Integrated and extended to customer portals, accounting platforms and promotional websites, the CBS allows the house staff to manage the booking and billing of rooms, the acquisition of new business, patient records and much more besides.

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