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Making it fairer for retail investors

Investor Meet Company is a membership website to allow individual investors to follow the UK PLCs whom they may hold shares in and to be invited to meet with those companies, virtually, via video conference, in order to make more informed and better decisions regarding their own shareholding within those companies.

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Investor Meet Company was launched to combat the lack of fully-governed, transparent accountability of UK PLCs to their shareholders, and to give those shareholders and potential retail investors the opportunity to meet with companies they invest in; to help to emancipate the individual shareholders who wish to attend meetings with the companies they wish to invest in; and moreover, to push the UK PLCs to become more accountable to their individual shareholders by meeting with them in the first place.

The Investor Meet Company platform has been a resounding success following it’s launch and first meeting in 2020. Over 300 PLCs have joined to present their results, and tens of thousands of individual shareholders have joined to attend the meetings; more than 200 meetings have been conducted since March 2020, with at least one meeting attracting more than 1800 individual shareholders.

Marc Downes, CEO of Investor Meet Company said:

Mike and the team have helped us to competently visualise a digital membership platform that is both complex and intricate, and have helped us prevail over the many potential pitfalls of a user experience servicing many different personas. All in all, they have taken the nascent Investor Meet Company brand and created an enticing visual experience that has allowed us to attract tens of thousands of users in year one alone. Great work.

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