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West Country artisan bread

West Country artisan bread

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Client: Panino Breads


Established in 2006, Panino are an independently owned company that source and deliver high-quality bakery products and fresh sandwich fillings to wholesale food service customers throughout Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset.

Based on our experience across similar wholesale businesses, Panino Breads requested that HUB update their wholesale ecommerce website from a flat catalogue approach to full basket, checkout and tiered customer pricing setup.

Benefitting from the highly-visual content provided by the suppliers of Panino, such as rich, luscious images of mouth watering chocolate brownies, HUB created a new user experience with a vibrant, colourful and accessible visual language; the aim, alongside improving customer navigation, was to convert traditionally offline sales into online sales once the user was hooked by the sumptious imagery.

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