Wholesale and Retail Skincare Products

Wholesale and Retail Skincare Products

Project Information

Client: PURU Suisse

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PURU is a Swiss-based manufacturer of high-quality and ecological body and skincare products that are only 100% pure and natural, with all ingredients sourced carefully and sustainably.

As a Swiss company, a clean, minimalist approach to interface design, colour and typography was required for a new ecommerce website for the US and beyond. HUB created an immersive interface adhering to the cleanliness required whilst ensuring the products featured front and centre. All the while, the key business message expounding the ‘natural and ecologically-friendly’ nature of the products ingredients had to be retained at all times.

Puru’s products immediately lend themselves to a textured, photo-realistic visual language. The intention of the user experience was to entice and convert buyers by suggesting the rich aromas and scents of the product through rich colours and the photography of the raw ingredients.

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