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Pub websites with personality

Pub websites with personality

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Client: Metropolitan Pub Company

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The Metropolitan Pub Company owns 50+ freehold pubs in London. Each pub unique and true to the surrounding community, the company was recently acquired by Greene King in a £92 million deal.

Needing a team of designers and developers to help them realise the online aspect of their business vision, HUB was approached to design and develop unique branding and a distinct website for each pub. With more than 20 websites to deliver, each with their own personality and distinct identity, a workflow to design and develop templates over the Umbraco CMS was created.

Each pub needed its own personality, for each own target market, for example some like to have virtual jukeboxes on their websites, while gastropubs need to be able to update their menus weekly or even daily, without relying on technical support. This ensures each of its pubs has a strong web presence and conveys up-to-date information.

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