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Technically adept with strong creative history, HUB's service offering is based around 3 key areas, each encompassing relative strategic services and skill sets.

Branding & Identity

Creating an ownable and meaningful brand identity and maximising the value of your brand is critical to the success of your business. 

HUB has a strategy-first approach to our branding work. Always seeking to understand, define and solve before we make or create. This approach means our brands are designed to position companies in a unique place in a consumers mind, making them memorable, lovable and relatable.


Websites & Applications

From Digital Strategy through to Search Engine Optimisation and beyond, HUB’s goal is to understand, formulate and facilitate the key principles that guide your digital strategy in the marketplace, and to then design, develop or integrate the central properties.


Be they websites, apps or business applications, HUB provides the services those digital properties require. They must be designed to use, built to last and easy to sustain.



The cornerstone of digital strategy, your website needs to promote and sell your services and products, integrate with your systems, be beautifully presented on any device, and must be noticed by the search engines to generate traffic.


Websites are no longer just promotional shop windows; they are fully content-managed business applications, points of sale and engagement, and are your portal to the wider commercial world.



Underpinning our 3 core services are 2 additional services designed to ensure clients get the best possible experience of working with HUB.

HUB Services Infrastructure Feature

Hosting & Infrastructure

Having built your application or website, we then provide you with the enterprise-class infrastructure class required to run it.

Via our partnerships with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud, we serve 10s of millions of page views and operations each year for our clients. Whether you need a scalable platform, custom site architecture, continuity of service and disaster recovery planning (with service level agreements to match), application-level support or have strict compliance requirements, we can help.

HUB Services Support Feature

Customer Support

HUB removes the complexities of supporting your business applications. Having built your application, our processes allow for continuous support to start immediately to offer you the backup your business needs.


We provide monitoring and managed services using our client-facing, measurable helpdesk systems ensuring a high quality of service and performance. Our DevOps ensure our technologies are configured to perform to optimum capability, and that we know of any pending issues before they become a problem for your business.


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Over the last few weeks, I have used a headshot I have had generated by AI as my LinkedIn avatar. I have received several comments, the most pertinent being, ‘Is that you Mike?’. Clearly not.


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