Business Services

At HUB, we design, develop and integrate the key business services of our clients and help to demystify the technology that is used to deliver those services day in, day out.


Technically adept with design history, HUB has become much more than the delivery of digital assets and application development services.

At our core is a breadth of knowledge, technological insight and diverse, cross-industry experience. We know that before any pens hit paper, a mouse clicks a button or code is written and regardless of the services undertaken, justified business cases, key performance strategies, information architecture and all the components of a strong digital strategy are created. Our service hub is built around the following 6 core areas.

Digital Strategy & Consultancy

From Digital Auditing through to Competitive Advantage and beyond, HUB’s goal is to understand, formulate and facilitate the key principles that guide your digital strategy in the marketplace.

Through planning, execution and continuous optimisation of your digital products, services and systems infrastructure, HUB can provide the consultancy, methods and tools required for your digital strategy to succeed and improve ongoing.

Web & Application Development

The cornerstone of digital strategy, your website needs to promote and sell your services and products, integrate with your systems, be beautifully presented on any device, and must be noticed by the search engines to generate traffic.

Websites are no longer just promotional shop windows; they are fully content-managed applications, points of sale and engagement, and are the portal for your business in to the wider commercial world.

User Experience Design

An engaging user experience envisaged as a beautiful, immersive interface underpins all successful applications and websites.

With a strong design history and portfolio to compliment our technical strength, HUB’s UX and UI processes ensure that your users get to where they need be, buy their products quickly and focus in on their goals, whilst ensuring your digital strategy remains on point.

User Interface Design

Underpinning every great application, be it SaaS, desktop, mobile or otherwise, are strong, documented processes detailing goals, methods and results.

We cannot emphasize greater the need for clear business process mapping when designing and developing applications. HUB will help you build the business case, clarify the use cases, formalise the goals, put together the information architecture and then build the app, not the other way round!

Managed Hosting Services

Having built your application or website, we then provide you with the enterprise-class infrastructure class required to run it.

Via our partnerships with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud, we serve 10s of millions of page views and operations each year for our clients. Whether you need a scalable platform, custom site architecture, continuity of service and disaster recovery planning (with service level agreements to match), application-level support or have strict compliance requirements, we can help.

Managed Support Services

HUB removes the complexities of supporting your business applications. Having built your application, our processes allow for continuous support to start immediately to offer you the backup your business needs.

We provide monitoring and managed services using our client-facing, measurable helpdesk systems ensuring a high quality of service and performance. Our DevOps ensure our technologies are configured to perform to optimum capability, and that we know of any pending issues before they become a problem for your business.

Our mission is to help our clients and partners tell their own stories through the use of technology, be they about a fantastic product they have to offer, or digital services we have helped them to design.

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