HUB is a digital agency based in London

We specialise in web application development, ecommerce website development, hosting infrastructure and digital strategy.


At our core is a breadth of knowledge, technological insight and diverse, cross-industry experience. We know that before any pens hit paper, a mouse clicks a button or code is written and regardless of the services undertaken, justified business cases, key performance strategies, information architecture and all the components of a strong digital strategy, are created.


What we've been working on


Loxone Quote Builder






Fill Refill


Construction Recruitment Services


Onsite Smart Buildings


What we've been talking about

Wikipedia + AI = truth? DuckDuckGo hopes so with new answerbot #tech #feedly https://buff.ly/3ZyfFcB

Connect Power BI to WordPress

We are website designers. Funnily enough, we use WordPress (amongst other CMSs) to build and manage websites and applications. But when you have a client base mixed between SMB, E-commerce and Enterprise, more often than not, the reporting question will arise. How many users logged on today? How many times

The Sustainable Internet

I asked myself the question if I didn’t work in web design and development, how and why would I use the Internet? Would my behaviour be any different? What do I actually use the Internet for now anyway and how can I help to foster a Sustainable Internet?

Progressive Web Applications – An Introduction

Although Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) have been around since 2015 as a new and improved alternative to traditional apps and mobile-friendly websites, many retailers are still yet to adopt them. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a huge global surge in mobile commerce and businesses are increasingly making the

Why Social Media Presence is Key

Social media platforms have undeniably grown to be amongst the most powerful and influential media outlets ever. Building a decent social media management strategy and presence is therefore no longer optional for any kind of business – small to large. It is a crucial tool to reach customers, grow your

Quite Remarkable

For the last 7 days, I have been living with a reMarkable 2 tablet. It has been a pretty crazy week, I’m shattered, and quite frankly, my handwriting could be the worst in the UK, so all-in-all, perhaps not the best time to move to my first e-ink writing experience.