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PIMFA, the Personal Investment Management and Financial Advice Association, formerly known as the WMA (Wealth Management Association), formerly known as APCIMS (Association of Private Client Investment Managers and Stockbrokers), is a longstanding HUB client.

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At the core of the PIMFA digital membership strategy sits the PIMFA website and PIMFA Trade Association CRM. With close integration between both platforms, the management of the membership becomes informed and intelligent, with visibility available for member online and offline activities and every step.

Working with an agile, modular approach, the PIMFA digital strategy and functions include:

  • Membership Information Management including recurring subscription management
  • Events Management for multiple categories of event; conferences, seminars and committee meeting for the membership and the public, with full Ecommerce facilities and reporting against tickets and CPD time (continued personal development – a requisite within the financial sector)
  • Business Opportunity Management and the tools to Monitor and report on the acquisition of new members
  • Accounting Integration for both Sage and Xero Platforms
  • Secure, role-based document management systems for the exposure of trade association IP, strategy, research and policy to specific member roles based on their membership level
  • Contact management integration with Office365

Each element was built from scratch by the HUB team, tailored specifically to PIMFA’s business needs. This consolidated trade association CRM supports the whole business, enabling staff in all areas to work more efficiently and in conjunction with members, therefore saving the company time and money, and providing organisational accountability.

By automating processes such as sending event confirmations, issuing CPD certificates, compiling event attendance lists and sending promotional emails, HUB has saved PIMFA 40 working days a year, time that staff can now spend on value-added tasks which improve the service for the membership.



The centralised system also underpins efficient and effective business intelligence reporting, making it easier to track member engagement and target communications and sales more accurately. The Membership section makes it easier to capture, view and edit information on member firms, potential members and individuals. Whilst PIMFA have a longstanding history of successful events management, new public events sales have already helped raise the profile of the organisation outside its membership.

“We needed a cost-effective, data centric method of pulling all our systems together,” says Sheena Gillett, Head of PR and Communication at the Association.

“We worked closely with HUB to develop a solution which met the needs of each of our business areas. Because of the long-standing partnership we had with HUB, we knew they understood our organisation and what we wanted to achieve. They were able to work across all the sections of the organisation to create a user-friendly system that has had a very positive impact on the way we operate.”

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