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fuseAware is a construction health and safety application originally devised by HUB CTO, Mike Staines, and CEO of fuseAware, David Redmond.

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Having been awarded funding by the Berkeley Group innovation fund, HUB designed, developed and deployed the original prototype of the construction health and safety application, a mobile app and reporting platform designed to prevent injury and death on building sites.


Centred around the need to warn building site operatives of areas of danger and potential harm, the mobile app used Bluetooth beacons and infrared break beams to track proximity and location, and alert site managers via onsite screens of their presence.



Acquiring a mixture of APIs from device hardware and web services, the prototype successfully employed a user experience that proved the need for such an application on building sites to limit injury and exposure to fatal accidents.


Since the prototype, fuseAware has successfully raised first round private equity funding and continues to be developed for use across the construction industry.

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Client: Fuse Technologies

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  • User Experience Strategy
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