Art of Chris Gollon

Chris Gollon was an established name in British painting, having enjoyed many solo museum shows in the UK and museum acquisitions, including the British Museum, as well as increasing acclaim in the national press and media.

The Art of Chris Gollon reveals the secrets of both his creative processes and his very innovative painting and printmaking techniques. How does a final image in painting come about, both in terms of imagination and execution?

HUB, working closely with photographer Robert Harper and in conjunction with Liquitex, the supplier of Chris’s materials, filmed Chris at work producing one of his pieces in a single day session.

In this application, painting by painting, you find out from the artist himself what his processes involve.

This application provides a fascinating insight into the craft of acrylic painting at the very highest and most innovative level, both for art students and art collectors; but also for the general art lover, it is a rare and fascinating insight into a great contemporary artist’s imagination.

Chris Gollon sadly passed away in 2017.