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Survey Fatigue Header (1)
Survey Fatigue
Apparently survey fatigue is now a thing, and by thing I mean a subject that can influence digital policy...
Review of 2018 (1)
Review of 2018
2018 has been an exciting year at HUB. With new colleagues joining the team and new clients coming on...
PIMFA wins Header (1)
PIMFA Wins "Website of the Year"
We are delighted and honoured to announce that our friends at PIMFA and the HUB-built www.pimfa.co.uk...
HUB & PIMFA Shortlisted for TAF Header (1)
HUB & PIMFA Shortlisted for TAF Website of the Year
PIMFA and HUB are proud to announce the shortlisting of www.pimfa.co.uk for Website of the Year at the...
WordPress and the Blurring of Boundaries
Over the last 15 years of running design agencies and small businesses, we have always understood that...
markus-spiske-ujsc723Pn7g-unsplash (1)
Instant Gratification
Today a LomoInstant turned up in the HUB office. For the uninitiated, Lomography is an International...
isaac-smith-AT77Q0Njnt0-unsplash (1)
Understanding Membership Retention
For membership organisations, membership acquisition and retention is always going to be central to business...
learning ladders header
Family Business Awards
For a small business like HUB, it is always an honour to work for other family businesses, and we are...
giammarco-boscaro-OPzWvgL-upY-unsplash (1)
Disrupting Disruptive Disruption
More often than not, disruption, in the negative context rather than the hipster “that industry is ripe...
jordan-rowland-Q64WE8Xo9bs-unsplash (1)
Fan Engagement and Connected Stadiums
I am currently preparing to discuss the concepts of fan engagement and stadium apps with technologists...
sigmund-1bHMKPIPUkE-unsplash (1)
Immersive Content Creation
Navigable, immersive content has been used to digitally showcase products for some time. A choice marketing...
joyce-mccown-LAEPsbXOhIM-unsplash (1)
Plug Your Self In
Given the announcements during 2017 so far from Facebook et al regarding the ability to ‘think’ letters...
sheldon-liu-FrQKfzoTgsw-unsplash (1)
Changing Drawing for Everyone...Again
In recent years, the difference between traditional illustration methods and art-based technology have...
mika-baumeister-NDZXlW_JdnI-unsplash (1)
Switching Up
Innovation means different things to different people. As a creative technologist, I try to look in all...
ricardo-gomez-angel-8XDfQmFImtQ-unsplash (1)
Virtual Worlds Contribute Research for Science
Believe it or not, over the years virtual worlds, such as World of Warcraft, have contributed to research...

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Artificial Headshots

Over the last few weeks, I have used a headshot I have had generated by AI as my LinkedIn avatar. I have received several comments, the most pertinent being, ‘Is that you Mike?’. Clearly not.


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