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HUB Wins ‘Most Innovative Business App Development Company 2020’

We’re really pleased to share this with you! SME News has awarded us the prize for ‘Most Innovative Business App Development Company 2020’ and released an entire article about HUB.     SME News is a quarterly digital publication with the objective to support and write about small and medium-sized businesses in the UK. The message SME News aims to circulate is that

Understanding Design Principles – The Importance of Reducing Cognitive Load

There are many underlying factors that can subconsciously influence a user’s experience when it comes to UX and UI design – the consideration of cognitive load is one of those factors and it’s more impactful than one might think. Generally, the reduction of cognitive load can heavily reduce confusion in users when they try to

Wix, Squarespace & Co: A Substitute for a Designer?

When you browse the Internet, you will encounter numerous websites with just the same basic layout. With an increase in content, it becomes more difficult so see original design and everything starts looking the same. One of the reasons for this being a lack of designers. The Canadian communications professor and philosopher Marshall McLuhan once

Fan Engagement and Connected Stadiums

I am currently preparing to discuss the concepts of fan engagement and stadium apps with technologists and product owners from around Europe, working with our partners at DeviceMesh. Stadium apps are smartphone applications used within the context of stadiums and arenas (funnily enough) and are designed to promote and position brands and products to fans

Immersive Content Creation

Navigable, immersive content has been used to digitally showcase products for some time. A choice marketing method of estate agents, big brands, luxury goods and large property portals, content beyond that of the ‘flat’ image or video, or stereo audio, is becoming more commonplace. The following immersive content types are now used across the internet

Plug Your Self In

Given the announcements during 2017 so far from Facebook et al regarding the ability to ‘think’ letters on to a screen and type with our thoughts, is it fair to say that we are now only a hop, skip and a jump away from a form of telepathy, or at least, the domination of text

Changing Drawing for Everyone…Again

In recent years, the difference between traditional illustration methods and art-based technology have merged, forming a wave in the process of revolutionising drawing for people everywhere.

Brand experiences and the 9 Volt Battery

It started when I was a kid. A child of the 80s with no less than 5 brothers, I was gradually exposed to new types of technological experience. I think it was 1984 when it became clear. I was 4 when I realised that by pushing a button, something would happen…

Latest Story

Artificial Headshots

Over the last few weeks, I have used a headshot I have had generated by AI as my LinkedIn avatar. I have received several comments, the most pertinent being, ‘Is that you Mike?’. Clearly not.


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