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VR Lineup Header 2 (1)
Virtual Reality Lineup
2016 is the year that virtual reality is finally within our grasp, with the launch of some of the biggest...
Developing on the Edge Header 2 (1)
Developing on the Edge
The launch of the new Microsoft Edge browser is set to be a major change for web designers and web developers...
Beacon technology Header
Beacon technology and connected brand experiences
Do you have Bluetooth? Are you ready to embrace the latest 21st century trend? If the answer to both...
annie-spratt-Uk3t05ndSng-unsplash (1)
Exploration and the App
They found themselves drifting wayward in the Pacific Ocean. Nothing guiding them but the commanding...
Game based learning Header (1)
Games-based Learning
Ian Livingstone, the man responsible for the ridiculously successful game franchises Warhammer and Tomb...
Making it wearable Header 1 (1)
Making It Wearable
As Intel prepare to announce the winners of their Make It Wearable competition, we thought it’d be a...
Drones, Privacy and the Postman Header 1 (1)
Drones, Privacy and the Postman
Drones. Scary huh? Say the word to most people and the image conjured up is one of unmanned flying machines...
Brand experiences and the 9 Volt Battery Header
Brand experiences and the 9 Volt Battery
It started when I was a kid. A child of the 80s with no less than 5 brothers, I was gradually exposed...
Level 4 Warlock Header (1)
Level 4 Warlock
I'm a consumer. I have an Xbox One. I talk to our clients via Skype on my Xbox One when I work from home,...
shahadat-rahman-BfrQnKBulYQ-unsplash (1)
500 million pieces of digital content
While everyone and their dog were salivating over the new iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch this week, we...
diogo-brandao-nbd3ch2ZsLI-unsplash (1)
User Interface Devices: The Stylus
Back in the 80s when no one knew what the internet was, and everyone was a two finger typist, efforts...
mateo-vrbnjak-nCU4yq5xDEQ-unsplash (1)
Immersion Design and the Playing of Games
Much has been written as to the success of gaming worlds such as those designed and developed for Skyrim,...
kvistholt-photography-oZPwn40zCK4-unsplash (1)
The State of Gesture Control
Gesture Control is currently in its infancy, despite becoming increasingly popular in gaming and virtual...
alex-litvin-MAYsdoYpGuk-unsplash (1)
Experimentation in Projection
The LCD projector is still the staple of many an artistic or commercial environment, be it in an accountants'...
lauren-mancke-qc3sE5lGLbA-unsplash (1)
An English Companion in Sochi
Second-screen applications not have to be fancy, real-time partnering of a device with your television...

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