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Why Social Media Presence is Key

Social media platforms have undeniably grown to be amongst the most powerful and influential media outlets ever. Building a decent social media management strategy and presence is therefore no longer optional for any kind of business – small to large. It is a crucial tool to reach customers, grow your business and gain insights that

Major Fintech News – Plans to Enhance the Digital Financial Sector

At this year’s Fintech Week, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, announced a plan to ensure the lead of the UK in digitalising finance. His proposal covers the support of growing fintech businesses and hubs throughout the UK, the overall expansion of digital finance, as well as regulatory support and reforms and the composition of a new taskforce for conducting work on a central bank digital currency. The Chancellor lays out that

HUB Wins ‘Most Innovative Business App Development Company 2020’

We’re really pleased to share this with you! SME News has awarded us the prize for ‘Most Innovative Business App Development Company 2020’ and released an entire article about HUB.     SME News is a quarterly digital publication with the objective to support and write about small and medium-sized businesses in the UK. The message SME News aims to circulate is that

The State of Automated Content Creation

As the importance of content marketing grows and online content continues to explode exponentially, more and more businesses are seeking out automated methods of content creation. Making use of these tools might save time and expenses — but is it actually worth it? Content marketing (CM) consists of lots and lots (and lots) of planning,

Review of 2018

2018 has been an exciting year at HUB. With new colleagues joining the team and new clients coming on board, we continue to grow alongside those we have worked with for many years. Whilst the HUB brand is just five years old this April, many of you will have worked with us in one or

PIMFA Wins “Website of the Year”

We are delighted and honoured to announce that our friends at PIMFA and the HUB-built www.pimfa.co.uk won “Website of the Year” at the Trade Association Forum Best Practice Awards last night. A brilliant night was had by all, with some truly worthy winners recognised for their contributions. Read more about our nomination here, and yes, that’s

HUB & PIMFA Shortlisted for TAF Website of the Year

PIMFA and HUB are proud to announce the shortlisting of www.pimfa.co.uk for Website of the Year at the Trade Association Forum’s Best Practice Awards 2018. Based over HUB’s new Trade Association Management Platform, UseFull, the PIMFA Website is the culmination of over 9 months effort by the PIMFA Communications Team and designers, developers and content managers in the HUB team.

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Family Business Awards

For a small business like HUB, it is always an honour to work for other family businesses, and we are certainly proud to be working for Ideal Manufacturing, a client since 2014 who have just won the Family Business Awards 2017 for the ‘Best Use of Digital’. Established in 2010, the Family Business Awards is

Disrupting Disruptive Disruption

More often than not, disruption, in the negative context rather than the hipster “that industry is ripe for…” context, in the technology industry is caused by a change of legislation, and we have all been talking about GDPR now for months. I first heard about the implications of the General Data Protection Regulation back in

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The Sustainable Internet

I asked myself the question if I didn’t work in web design and development, how and why would I use the Internet? Would my behaviour be any different? What do I actually use the Internet for now anyway and how can I help to foster a Sustainable Internet?


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