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Immersion Design and the Playing of Games

Much has been written as to the success of gaming worlds such as those designed and developed for Skyrim, or World of Warcraft, where a key component of the success of the game is the world itself.

We must not, however, underestimate the quality of the world design that goes in to games where the world may not feature heavily in the narrative or otherwise. Titanfall is an example of this.

Titanfall excels at immersing the user in a multi-faceted shooting spree focussed on the harvesting of ‘levels’; or in other words, levelling up their character to achieve dizzying heights of greatness by shooting and killing other online gamers.

This need for constant observation, defense and offense of your character does not allow much time for the appreciation of the beautiful, decaying environment that the developers immerse the character in. The fogged landscapes and vistas cast a lengthy shadow over other games on the market, and provide the means by which the gaming platform, the Xbox One, can now potentially establish itself as a truly powerful gaming force to be reckoned with, and surely cements Justin Hendry, the lead designer on the game, and his team, as highly reputable Worldbuilders.

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