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Experimentation in Projection

The LCD projector is still the staple of many an artistic or commercial environment, be it in an accountants’ office for presenting a Powerpoint deck, or a gallery for displaying interactive or video art.

Over the last few years, the technology that we project on to, and through, and indeed, the projectors themselves, has evolved drastically. Transparent films for rear projection, semi-transparent paint allowing for the reception of an image on glass, and curved screen technology to name but a few.



Current research and experiments with multiple projectors, mirrors and transparent receptors is allowing visual and interactive artists to rethink and recompose how users and appreciators engage with their work; gesture-controlled and 3D projection mapping, such as this piece by the experiential agency Next/Now for the launch of a new tractor, allows stage performers, marketeers and VJs to immerse the audience in an augmented version of their surrounding; and on a simpler level, the sheer size and luminosity of the projected content grants the creative director the ability to display their graphic or filmic creation on a scale it requires or deserves.

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