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Immersion Design and the Playing of Games

Much has been written as to the success of gaming worlds such as those designed and developed for Skyrim, or World of Warcraft, where a key component of the success of the game is the world itself. We must not, however, underestimate the quality of the world design that goes in to games where the world may not feature heavily in the narrative or otherwise. Titanfall is an example of this.

The State of Gesture Control

Gesture Control is currently in its infancy, despite becoming increasingly popular in gaming and virtual reality markets. Many predict that in the next decade however, gestural recognition could replace touch sensing as the leading computer input technology. And with companies like Microsoft, Thalmic Labs and Leap Motion leading the way, the future could be here sooner than you think.

Experimentation in Projection

The LCD projector is still the staple of many an artistic or commercial environment, be it in an accountants’ office for presenting a Powerpoint deck, or a gallery for displaying interactive or video art.