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An English Companion in Sochi

sochi second screen application

Second screen application technology does not have to be fancy, real-time partnering of a device with your television or games console; with a bit of thought, device companionship can be put to good use.

Amidst the furore surrounding Russia and the Olympics in Sochi, HUB have created an Android tablet second screen application deployed over 14 Samsung Galaxy Tab 3s, for the Coca-Cola Active Healthy Living Showcase in the Olympic Park.

Coca-Cola have a long history of experiential marketing and branding, dating as far back as the design and development of mirrors branded with Coca-Cola iconography and symbolism – simply by ‘interacting’ with the mirror, the onlooker would see themselves next to Coca-Cola imagery. The Coca-Cola mirrors are often referred to as ‘pub mirrors’ and some can be highly sought after collector’s pieces.

This particular article on Ebiquity shows some recent examples of Coke’s experiential marketing campaigns.

Working for partners (heart) Productions, the companion application was constructed to assist Coke brand ambassadors with the translation of Russian graphical content in the BeActive dome. A simple but effective deployment, the app allows users to tap areas of the display to return the content in English.

Edit – October 2017

Looking back on this project today, the second screen application method, though still highly relevant, could now be better executed in this context via augmented or mixed reality methods; perhaps a user would hold up a tablet and the text on display would be dynamically overlaid in front of them, or an image would become an animated graphic or short film with touch interaction allowing for a more immersive user experience.

Either way, measurable brand engagement can be gained from second screen application techniques, and device companionship continues to go from strength to strength as is well-illustrated by the HUB partnership with DeviceMesh.

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