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In the strictest sense of the word, ecommerce, at its core, focuses on the sale of a product or a service.

But ecommerce website development is much more than just the sale...

Acquisition, Sale and Retention

HUB’s ecommerce website development specialism focuses around the concepts of user acquisition, sale and retention, and supporting, monitoring, analysing and hosting the products we build to enable ongoing success in those 3 areas.

Membership Services

Many of the ecommerce sites and applications we build at HUB have a membership focus to them. 


Whether that may be a customer with specific shopping preferences logging in to a product site, or a student undertaking ongoing distance learning via an edtech platform, more often than not, ecommerce is involved in the form of single or recurring transactions.

Wholesale Ecommerce and Integrations

With a related specialism of wholesale e-commerce and systems integration, HUB’s ecommerce offering touches all secondary areas of commercial management, be that the integrated management of shipping and logistics, multi-language wholesale offerings, or B2B-specific apps.

Some of our ecommerce clients

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Latest Story

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Over the last few weeks, I have used a headshot I have had generated by AI as my LinkedIn avatar. I have received several comments, the most pertinent being, ‘Is that you Mike?’. Clearly not.


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