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Keystone is an Early Years Foundation Stage (EFYS) Assessment and Tracking tool designed specifically to track, monitor and support child development from 6-60 months.

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Designed by leading educational psychologists and educationalists, Keystone is really simple to use so nursery practitioners can spend more time providing the best care they can and less time bogged down by paperwork.


Working collaboratively with Riverston Children Centre and Genesis Consulting, HUB developed the following child-focussed functions:


  • Detailed and categorised assessments tailored to each child
  • Initial Screening Assessment followed by Ongoing Development Test
  • Next Step Plans for Focused Learning on areas of improvement
  • Resources to support learning throughout the child’s development
  • Log activities and add evidence to further their progres
  • Each child gets an individual Learning Journal


Developing a bespoke graphing library (a cross between a polar area chart and standard bar graph), HUB built out the Screening Assessment graph to show results in a manner easy to digest and quick to analyse. These results are then compiled in to the Learning Journal of the child, printed and analysed.





There are no such tools or methods currently available for reporting on SEN children in the UK. Following a successful research period, HUB developed the concept of ‘snapshots’ (a bespoke score to mathematically calculate the educational level of a child, irrespective of age, based on responses to psychologically-led questioning) was conceived for the age range of 6 – 60 months and verbose questions were re-written for the entire age range.


The snapshots formed the basis of the ‘Developmental Assessment’ mechanism to judge growth and change in a SEN child. These snapshots, as a combination of numerical integers, could then be displayed in numerous comparative graphical forms, which alongside the application of newly researched visual language (iconography, typography) conceived specifically to convey these reports, when printed, in the most authoritative, technically adept manner, could be used to secure local funding for the SEN child / parents.

Currently, the local authorities not allow for the assessment of SEN prior to the age of 7 years based on the belief that the children do not fully show the characteristics of autism, asperges and the like until then. This application has been researched and developed to provide much earlier analysis to arm parents, nurseries and educational psychologists with the reporting that they need to gain earlier access to SEN education and resources.

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Client: Riverston Schools

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