LSBU Spotlight

For the enrolment season of 2016/17, to promote the benefits of attending the London South Bank Univerty, HUB created the LSBU Spotlight Experience, an interactive video booth with a coloured spotlight that tracked and recorded the facial position of the user.


Find Your Spotlight, the promotional campaign for the season, aimed at incentivizing potential students to ‘find their own way’ at LSBU. By helping the student see themselves in an interactive, digital spotlight, doing whatever they wanted (whereby an interesting ‘performance’ would win a prize), the marketing teams were able to engage with millenial youngsters on a level that would help broker the attendance converation.


Students were prompted to enter their details on a large touchscreen, select the colour of their spotlight and then perform in front of the camera as the spotlight tracked the movement of their face. As they moved and the spotlight followed them, the camera also recorded video content which in turn was shared socially across the networks.

Clauvys’ pin drop move shows the capability of the spotlight tracker.

By developing with Microsoft’s Kinect 2 tracking device, HUB were able to gain a level of cost-achieveable, embeddable interactivity which in turn could be transported in a compact flightcase along with the rest of the experience from venue to venue.



The Spotlight experience was used throughout the enrolment period at various education fairs and the like, and at the end of the period, HUB put together a showreel of the winning contestants from each event, with one contestant picked to when a grand prize.

Watch the LSBU Spotlight showreel