Part of the strength of HUB’s stories about technology are the way in which we tell them. Whilst we build and connect the business applications that help you work with your data and content, we are also pretty good at creating that content too.

Games-based Learning

Ian Livingstone, the man responsible for the ridiculously successful game franchises Warhammer and Tomb Raider, has applied to the Department of Education to launch a Free School focusing on games-based learning.

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Making It Wearable

As Intel prepare to announce the winners of their Make It Wearable competition, we thought it’d be a good time to consider what kind of impact wearable technology could have on our lives in the upcoming years. Although some companies have already taken the plunge into creative designs, we’ll also consider future uses of this technology…

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Drones, Privacy and the Postman

Drones. Scary huh? Say the word to most people and the image conjured up is one of unmanned flying machines delivering indiscriminate death and destruction somewhere in the Middle East. Mention drone use in a civilian capacity and people will immediately start questioning their use, citing breeches of privacy and human rights.

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Brand experiences and the 9 Volt Battery

It started when I was a kid. A child of the 80s with no less than 5 brothers, I was gradually exposed to new types of technological experience. I think it was 1984 when it became clear. I was 4 when I realised that by pushing a button, something would happen…

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