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Switching Up

Innovation means different things to different people. As a creative technologist, I try to look in all different directions to inform my work, not least of which is my gaming history, and quite frankly, the Switch has triggered so much excitement in my childlike mind, that I can’t help but love it.

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Microsoft HoloLens

The Reality of HoloLens

At the recent E3 games show in LA, Microsoft and Mojang unveiled an innovative new holographic version of video game Minecraft. Using Microsoft’s HoloLens, Mojang demonstrated how holographic gaming can offer heightened levels of immersive interaction and hugely improved capabilities.

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Developing on the Edge

The launch of the new Microsoft Edge browser is set to be a major change for web designers and web developers all over the world, with the technology giant finally replacing one of its best known products, Internet Explorer. But how will the release of a major new browser affect the industry?

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